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Pastoral Pen 03/11/22

March is Women History!

What a blessing to have Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost led, women in the Kingdom of God.  Women have always contributed to the furtherance of the Kingdom in a significant manner.  The New Testament is rich in examples of Godly women used mightily by the Lord in the early ic, Director of Sunday School, Women Mission President, Youth Director, Ushers, Treasurer, Chairperson of the Staff Parish Relation, and the Sunday School teachers who contribute to the edifying of the body of Christ. The women of Exodus are all leaving a rich legacy of service to the Kingdom. Here is what the Word says about these committed persons: “the hand of the diligent maketh rich” (Proverbs 10:4b).

Our heavenly Father in eternity ordained that Exodus would be, and to Him be glory and majesty, dominion and power. As a church, we have witnessed history in the making. Thank God we serve a God that is the overseer of history.

Rev. Dr. Donald R. Owens


Exodus United Methodist Church


Pastoral Pen 

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God saved us, not only for our salvation, but also for our biological and spiritual families. Please join me in daily pray for the unsaved people we know personally. The Lord desire is that all men and women be saved from sin, bondage, chains, sickness, curses, and the eternal lake of fire. Let us pray by faith and live as salt and light of the world. When others see the love of Christ in us, they will open their heart to the gospel. Let us our lives so that others will see Christ in us.

Let’s take time to encourage our family members and friends to restore their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:25 is the fundamental beginning point for a stronger relationship with Christ; it reminds each of us to “Not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together!” I am reminded of an illustration about togetherness that touches the very heart of trying to serve God apart from other members of the body of Christ. Most of us at one time of another have lighted charcoals, they burn red hot when they are together, but if one coal is removed from the pile it slowly goes out. That is what happen to believers when we separate ourselves from the body of believers. It begin with being absent one Sunday and then two and before we know it, our desire and passion for a loving relationship with the church no longer exists. Let us renew our passion to share the good news of the
gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us continue to build His church and spread the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.
Servant of God,
Rev. Dr. Donald Owens

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